When Nature is giving, we should, first of all, feel blessed. Then, we should feel responsible, and, if possible, make what we have even better.

The History of Paço dos Cunhas is, in itself, an example of how giving Nature can be. We have had the privileged of taking care of that gift. That is what we did, over ten years ago, when we decided to revive Paço dos Cunhas.

We kept on improving the material heritage of this place, recovered the vines and gave them life. With determination, we decided to promote and keep this heritage, giving it shape through the wines that we created, making them special, unique and recognized inside as well as outside our borders. With criteria, harvest after harvest, we selected, with great care, the wines that bear the name of Paço dos Cunhas Vinha do Contador. We only present wines that transmit the philosophy from Paço dos Cunhas. Special and unique wines that respect the terroir and stand out due to their characteristic details and the precision of the wine making and viticulture of those that work on them from vineyard to bottle, in their long journey.

When we were preparing the new harvest, we saw something that truly caught our eye. We knew we had something extraordinary, however, we would have to be able to prove it, by doing something no other producer had ever done before.

Therefore, we decided to write a new page in our History, in the History of the wines of Dão and the History of the Portuguese wines. We gave our brand a new look, making it cleaner, more genuine and timeless, respecting the wine, the grapes that created it and their birthplace.

This is the story of a wine that could simply be another Vinha do Contador, which would be special already, but this time, we dared to make it more than special. We wanted to make it extraordinary. Vinha do Contador Grande Júri. Honouring its coat of arms, the brand that gave it its name and the jury that rated it.